Jokes on Them… because you Look Good!

Jokes on Them… because you Look Good!

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spring bikini swimwear
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April Fool’s Day, which is a Western celebration commemorated every April 1st, is a day of jokes and hoaxes. You need to be weary of the pranksters who are out to get you! Trust no one… and be extra vigilant of your surroundings. Coworkers may set booby traps at your desk to surprise you, or your best friend may call with you some “shocking news” to see your reaction then yell “April Fool!”



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Don’t fall victim to any pranks and stay on top of the game by staying poised and stylish as always. Make sure the joke is on everyone else this April Fool’s Day and show them that you’re clever as a fox by looking amazing in your Dolcessa’s spring swimwear line.





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In the end the jokes on them, because you’ll have the last laugh!




April 01, 2019 — Dolcessa Swimwear