Boutique Bathing Suits


Founded in 2010, Dolcessa is a Luxury Swimwear brand that offers unique and exciting pieces. Once solely found at our exclusive swimwear boutiques in luxurious resorts across seven different countries, such as Dubai, the Maldives, and in the U.S., the Dolcessa Luxury Swimwear line is now available for purchase online!


Swimwear Boutique Pieces that Make you Look Stunning

If you’re tired of repetitive and unexciting swimwear trends and products, and are looking for swimwear fashions that align with your unique and bold style, you will love the distinctive and sexy look of Dolcessa’s products. Dolcessa’s swimwear line includes bold and curve defining boutique bathing suits, sexy and alluring cover ups, and flattering and playful dresses that will have you turning heads wherever you go! Whether you are looking for swimwear to wear at an exclusive pool party, at a Vegas resort, or while on vacation, Dolcessa has you covered!


Bathing Suits Designed with the Modern Women in Mind

Boutique Bathing Suits

The craft and design that is put into each Dolcessa Luxury Swimwear piece has the modern woman in mind. Dolcessa uses only the best quality and flattering materials, such as imported Italian lycra, that compliment a woman’s body and accentuate her curves. Every piece is made to empower women to feel sexy and confident.

Bold colors, sophisticated sequins and trendsetting patterns are carefully crafted into each piece. With finely detailed crystallized pyramids and bold, alluring colors, the Cobalt Pyramid two piece is fun and excellent selection for a woman who loves to stand out.

Or you can opt for the timeless and always sexy Onyx Pyramid two piece with its dazzling 24k gold plated, crystallized pyramid embellishments. If you can’t seem to make up your mind, get both! A woman can never have enough boutique bathing suits…



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