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Sophistication is a trait that looks sexy on any woman. Worn well, a woman can demand respect just by looking at her. A sophisticated woman is also an empowered woman and possesses many attractive traits. She is experienced, educated, adventurous, well traveled and intelligent.

A sophisticated woman thinks before she talks, considers her options carefully before making a choice and is selective of her purchases. When shopping for swimwear, she opts for sophisticated pieces that not only looks amazing on her, but also compliments her alluring style. What a woman wears sends a message of how she wants the world to see her.


Sophisticated Swimwear is a Must Have While Traveling

When the Sophisticated Lady travels, she always does it in style. Whether she has booked a five star resort in Dubai, or a weekend Vegas getaway, she makes sure to bring her sophisticated swimwear with her everywhere she goes! You won’t catch her wearing boring, overly done swimwear. Only sophisticated swimwear is fit for a lady who chooses her options wisely.

Check out the Onyx Monarch One Piece or the Black Divina.

Wherever she goes, her sophistication can be found in what she wears, what she says, and what she does. And you can bet that she looks nothing less than glamorous everywhere she goes!


A Sophisticated Lady Master’s the Art of Conversation

Sophisticated SwimwearBeing clever in the art of conversation is a talent that is not so easy to master; yet, a Sophisticated Lady is great at keeping guests at her pool party entertained with her witty remarks. She knows how to lighten the mood at social events by making people laugh with stories about adventures that happened during her travels. She is also down to earth and wise and always offers excellent advice to her girlfriends while sipping on margaritas at the resort... in her sophisticated swimwear of course. The Sophisticated Lady masters the art of conversation because she is well rounded and clever.

To be sophisticated is a trait many women desire, but only very few can actually acquire. Shop our sophisticated swimwear line and join the club!

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October 19, 2018 — Dolcessa Swimwear